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                  What are the safety knowledge of steel bar industry?
                  When steel bar is processed, it is easy to cause mechanical injury or object strike accidents due to improper use of steel bar processing machinery. When binding reinforcing bars, it is easy to fall from high places and hit objects because the installation of working surfaces does not meet the requirements or violate regulations. Attention should be paid to:
                  (1) Steel and semi-finished products should be stacked neatly according to specifications and varieties, the production site should be level, the worktable should be stable, and lighting fixtures must be covered with screen.
                  (2) Straighten the steel bar, clamp firmly, anchor firmly, pedestrians are forbidden in the area of 2 m along the steel bar. Artificial grinding straightening, no chest, stomach contact push bar, and slow release, not once release.
                  (3) The unfolding disc steel bar should be firmly clamped at one end to prevent rebound, and be stepped on with the foot before cutting.
                  (4) The tool must be firm for manual cutting. The palm and hammer should stand at an oblique angle, paying attention to the people and objects in the area of the hammer throwing. Cut short reinforcing bars less than 30 cm, clamp them with pliers, forbid using hand to hold them, and set protective cage cover on the outside.
                  (5) In multi-person transportation of reinforcing bars, the movements of lifting, landing, turning and stopping should be the same. Manual transmission up and down must not be on the same vertical line. Rebar stacking should be dispersed and stable to prevent dumping and collapse.
                  (6) In order to tie steel bars and install skeletons in high altitude and deep pits, scaffolding and horseway must be erected.
                  (7) The steel bars of the columns and walls shall not be tied up on the steel bar skeleton or up or down the climbing skeleton. Column reinforcement is within 4m, and its weight is not large. It can be tied up on the ground or on the floor and erected as a whole. Workbench should be set up when column reinforcement is above 4m. Column and beam skeleton shall be fastened with temporary support to prevent dumping.
                  (8) When binding the reinforcing bars of the foundation, the reinforcing bars brackets or horsestools shall be placed to erect the upper reinforcing bars in accordance with the provisions of the construction design, and the brackets or horsestools shall not be arbitrarily reduced.
                  (9) The girders, eaves, exterior walls and side columns of high-rise buildings shall be tied with external frames or safety nets. Hang your seat belt when you tie it up.
                  (10) Lifting reinforcing bars are forbidden to stand underneath. The hooks can be removed only when the reinforcing bars are positioned and supported properly.
                  The above content is organized and published by Jinan Reinforcement Wholesale Factory. More information can be consulted by clicking on our official website: http://www.namegeneration.net/
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