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          Reinforcement mesh is widely used in various industries, but how much do you know about how to choose and purchase reinforcement mesh?
          Uses: Mainly used in highway (highway fence network), railway, civil buildings, water conservancy construction, various machinery, electrical appliances, window protection and aquaculture, etc.
          Features: The steel mesh is made by automatic cross welding, the welding joints are regular and non-damaged, and the strength is excellent; the surface treatment method is PE or PVC impregnation, which is advanced and old, can adsorb and wrap the product surface in all directions, has strong adhesion and anti-corrosion, and PE & PVC material has the characteristics of non-toxic and harmless, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sunshine, high and low temperature, etc. The service life in external environment can reach 5-10 years. It has the characteristics of long time corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance. The mesh mask has strong impact resistance. High strength, good steel, beautiful appearance, wide horizon, concise equipment, bright feeling, relaxed
          1. In the process of construction, it is necessary to accurately grasp the material of various equipment, especially the exact orientation of various pipelines buried in the roadbed. No damage to underground equipment is allowed in the process of construction.
          2. When the column of the guardrail is penetrated too deep, it must not be pulled out and corrected. The foundation of the guardrail should be consolidated from the beginning and then penetrated, or the position of the column should be adjusted. When approaching the depth in construction, the hammering intensity should be carefully controlled.
          3. Suppose that the flange should be equipped when the equipment is installed on the highway bridge, and pay attention to the location of the flange and the control of the top elevation of the column.
          4. Assuming that the two-side fence is used as anti-collision fence, the appearance quality of the two-side wire fence products depends on the construction process. During the construction, attention should be paid to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver, experience should be constantly summarized, construction management should be strengthened, and the quality of the equipment of the barrier network can be guaranteed.
          There are many factories producing steel bar designs. When people choose, they need to make a careful judgment, understand the quality of these factories, and then make corresponding choices. In the process of choosing, everyone can carefully pay attention to these specific situations, and the consciousness of all manufacturers is more and more one-sided. Only in this way can we better realize the choice of response.
          To stop judging the strength and weakness of the steel bar design factory, it is necessary to have a good understanding of it accurately, especially to pay attention to the evaluation of the manufacturer by others. Different manufacturers, there will be some differences in lost evaluation. Other people's evaluation of manufacturers, not only the quality of products, but also the services provided by manufacturers, can be from a comprehensive perspective, accurate awareness of these situations, before we can have a choice.
          差別的廠家,具體的情形會存在著差別,可以認真的去存眷,并且對于廠家有了更好的意識,如許在選擇的過程中,我們才可以做出好的決議,尤其要知曉廠家的具體技術情形。 想要判定鋼筋計廠家好不好,需要對廠家有精確的懂得,這些和我們之間有直接的關聯。
          Different manufacturers, there will be differences in the specific situation, can carefully care about, and for manufacturers have a better awareness, so that in the process of selection, we can make good decisions, especially to know the specific technical situation of manufacturers. If you want to judge whether the steel bar design factory is good or not, you need to have a precise understanding of the factory, which is directly related to us.
          It is very important for all of us to judge accurately from many angles, the situation of the steel design factory, and to know whether it is good or not. Everyone's choices always need to be concerned about situations and be able to make some appropriate awareness, and then the decisions you make will be better. Choosing different angles, focusing on the situation of the manufacturer, and losing good conclusions, can bring us more.
          The above is how to choose the reinforcement manufacturers need to pay attention to, more information can continue to pay attention to us.
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