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                  The construction network has a great competitive advantage in the construction industry, which can be summarized as follows:
                  1. 施工網節省材料。由于施工網的高強度,在工程應用中比普通一級鋼節約近30%。在當今能源短缺的情況下,這一點尤為重要。
                  1. Construction network saves materials. Due to the high strength of the construction network, it can save nearly 30% compared with the ordinary first grade steel in engineering application. This is particularly important in today's energy shortage.
                  2. 施工網架施工方便,質量有保證。本廠根據鋼焊接網設計圖紙,現場鋪裝施工。因此,與傳統的手工裝訂相比,既保證了工程質量,又加快了施工進度,縮短了工期。
                  2. The construction of grid structure is convenient with guaranteed quality. According to the design drawing of steel welded mesh, the factory paves the construction site. Therefore, compared with the traditional manual binding, it not only guarantees the project quality, but also speeds up the construction progress and shortens the construction period.
                  3. Support industry standards related to construction network. The production and construction of welded steel mesh are carried out in strict accordance with the technical specification for welded steel mesh concrete structure, which ensures the production quality of welded steel mesh. These Provisions have been approved by the general editor of the Academy of construction Sciences of the Ministry of construction. The technical demonstration of scientific research department is an important prerequisite for the application of welding network.
                  4. The efforts of many wire mesh manufacturers and the innovation of construction concept of engineering technicians are the most direct driving force to promote the use of construction network.
                  5. It can greatly reduce the installation time of steel bars, help to prevent the occurrence and development of concrete cracks, reduce the concrete surface cracks, the size of welding grid is very normal, the elasticity is good, the cast concrete steel bars are not easy to bend, deform and slip, and can reduce the engineering cost of steel bars by about 10%.
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